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What We Do

Since 1997, we've been providing Electrical, Mechanical and Process documentation and Engineering Document Managment services to clients in a number of industries. We provide both short term, project focused services in generating detailed design/build construction document sets, as well as long term engineering information managment services and software solutions for large and complex sites over many years.

We also provide on-site services such as plant as-built document generation and maintenance in the electrical, instrumentation and process disciplines.

Other, related tasks that we are engaged to carry out on a regular basis for clients are plant item identification surveys, plant labelling services, site location plan and maintenance route document generation.

Our longest standing clients utilise us as an extension of their on site staff, where we essentially provide a full-time equivalent engineering and plant information service that site staff can call on any time.

Our Clients

We have multi-decade long relationships with some of New Zealands largest manufacturers in the Pulp and Paper industry as well as Power Generation and Distribution.

Our Experience

Here's a small sample of some of the specific industries we work in:-

Paper Manufacturing Machines and Drive Systems (Most packaging grades as well as Tissue).

Pulp Plants

Low and Medium Voltage Distribution and Protection Systems

Industrial DCS and PLC Control Systems

Industrial Motor Control of machines up to 4.5MW

Hydro Generation Control & Telemetry Systems